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The Bible.

The words of the Bible are the very words of God our Creator speaking to us. They are completely truthful; they are pure; they are powerful; and they are wise and righteous. We should read these words with reverence and awe, and with joy and delight. Through these words God gives us eternal life, and daily nourishes our spiritual lives. Through our mission organization, getting the Word of God in the hands of those who hunger for it, can be both easy and affordable.

The Mission.

Provide Bibles in the Mission Field

The mission of The Bible for All is to be a catalyst for individual and cultural change through Christ, the living Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. This means sharing the Gospel, the power of God for salvation of man, with the help of our donors, and ministry partners.

You can make a difference in thousands of people’s lives!

The Strategy.


To win a battle you need a plan. Share the Gospel to one person everyday. Give a Bible to the first person that comes across, or whoever the Holy Spirit leads you to share.


Expand God’s Kingdom, one soul at a time.

follow up

Encourage to read the Gospel of John several times, and ask if they have any questions.


Invite them to your church or your small group.

The Bibles Provided.

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Since 2010 we have provided more than 3 Million Bibles


In 6 different continents working with various churches, missionaries, organizations.

Watch the video.

Share the Gospel in the marketplace. In any type of setting, the Bible is the best way to share your faith, and let God do the rest.

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